Clarissa Clement


A front-end web developer of complex websites with over ten years' experience.

  • Extensive familiarity with both proprietary and open source languages.
  • Works to W3C standards.
  • Experienced in meeting client requirements.
  • Able to work with designers, other developers or solo as required.

Key Skills

HTML, CSS, LESS, JavaScript (including ES2015), XML, XSL & XSL-FO

Employment History


Front End Developer March 2015 - Decmber 2016
  • Rebuilt the company website, interacting with an external designer and various stakeholders within the company. The result was a modern website with a fresh look and feel built upon an open source CMS system.
  • Helped plan and construct a prototype of a specialised marketing website using the Aurelia JavaScript framework for the CEO to use in business presentations and client meetings.


Senior Web Developer January 2008 - March 2015
  • The only dedicated front end developer in a team of back end developers spread across Europe and Asia who build customisable tools that can be seen on the websites of various financial institutions including Banks, Fund Managers and Advisors as well as our in-house European retail websites.
  • Responsible for re-architecting the real-time creation of the IWT team’s factsheets. The newer versions have greater functionality, are more flexible and a smaller code footprint than their predecessors. As a result it is now quicker and easier for the implementation managers to customise them to fit client requirements - or for developers to add further functionality. To aid all parties, documentation explaining the approach and all of the available options was written for the internal wiki.
  • Refactored, one module at a time, the CSS for the entire suite of modules that existed at that time. To ensure that these changes caused as little disruption as possible to existing clients, guidelines were provided to project managers detailing what to look out for during testing and what modifications were required. The result was a much reduced amount of CSS within the platform and made client customisation simpler.
  • The go-to person for many colleagues when they require advice on whether something is possible or encounter an issue (whether front- or back-end) which they are struggling with.
  • Ongoing responsibility for peer reviewing front end code (HTML, CSS, JavaScript and XSL) work produced by colleagues, training new team members on the factsheets, mentoring junior developers and assisting implementation managers with technical queries.


Web Developer/Senior Web Developer January 2006 - January 2008
  • Rebuilt, together with a small team of other web developers, two of the company's main websites. The result was a brace of modern websites, both in terms of technology and development techniques, each with a fresh look and feel which improved the user experience considerably when compared against their predecessors.
  • Constructed micro-sites for clients, customising the tools to meet style guidelines which ensured a consistent look when they were included within the customers' websites.

Westcliff Data Services

Web Developer 2003 - 2005

Responsible for the construction of employer's CMS and development of online testing solutions. Modified clients' websites and assisted the in-house software developer.

Heritage & Co

Freelance Web Developer 2003

Created a website that could present the company’s range of foreign properties to the wider audience.

Accurate plc

Web Developer 2002 - 2003

Built the website for the company’s security team as well as the company intranet, including a CMS. Added functionality to the company's main e-commerce website.

Rebus IS

Developer 2002

Created standalone software using VB v3 and v5 in association with MS Access databases.

Pharmarcia Ltd

Financial Solutions Developer 2001 - 2002

Worked with the finance director to keep track of the accounts from various Middle Eastern offices with via a MIS.

Oakley Internet

Junior Web Developer 2001

Developed, alongside senior colleagues, a range of e-commerce solutions that met the client’s needs.



BEng in Electronic Engineering (Hons)

Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry A-Levels